Gunslinger is an awesome solution for smaller operators and the new Gunslinger Micro-Server is perfect for a single CMTS deployment or a small group of CMTS deployments.

The Micro-Server is based on a Raspberry Pi-4 system with a custom Linux operating system. It’s housed in an acrylic case with a cooling fan and a back plate that allows mounting to a standard rack rail with standard screw spacing and/or mounting to a device with VESA spacing. You can fasten to a wall too.

The Micro-Server is a fully functional Gunslinger system but with the addition of an built-in Wi-Fi access point to make it easier to manage. Just like the OVA, it is an appliance so there is no need for direct access to the operating system – the Gunslinger User Interface provides every tool you need to manage the appliance gracefully.

Download the Data sheet today and give us a call to request a demo.