Gunslinger Cloud

Diablo Data is proud to offer Gunslinger  – a cloud-based software solution for monitoring and provisioning DOCSIS networks tailor-made for small to medium service providers. When your service is monitored by Gunslinger  your team has amazing visibility into the health of your cable modem network.

Gunslinger  Cable Node Monitor tracks the health of DOCSIS CMTS and Cable Modem deployments, providing fast triage and trend analysis of the DOCSIS RF network environment. The CNM Dashboard gives you a quick color-coded synopsis of the state of your CMTS deployment.

Triage Quickly
Empower your team to react swiftly, often before customers notice problems with their service. When physical conditions change in the network you can see the scope of impact they have on your customers service. The CNM Modem View shows details of each modem at a site for a quick assessment of the collection of modems. You can drill down to each modem and see its real-time performance as well as Wi-Fi and Voice line status.

Use the Gunslinger Pass/Fail tool to assess the health of a new modem installation before you leave the customers home. Your Customer Service team can use this tool to pinpoint problems with power levels or signal quality without a truck roll, and save the test results for later review to confirm your service effort. Imagine the time your team will save!

DOCSIS system health is polled periodically and results are stored in an SQL database so you can:

  • Review the health of an entire service group at once and see when a change was detected.
  • Visualize your upstream signal health with hourly trend charts
  • Reveal upstream error rates that show how effective your CMTS is at fixing transmission errors
  • See what types of modems are active on your service groups
  • Query network traffic stats for the CMTS reportable interfaces

Provision Any Device
Gunslinger’ Quartermaster module provisions your modems and customer premise equipment including Arris eMTA’s, IP Set Top Boxes, Access Points and even DOCSIS 3.1 Remote PHY Nodes in a distributed DOCSIS environment. Assign a default class of service for modems, and use the Customer Manager module to provision individual modems with upgraded classes of service. Our API can be adapted to provision customers in Gunslinger from your billing system.

Review your active lease detail to confirm that modems and CPE are getting IP addresses without having to monitor server logs or perform network packet analysis.

Resilient and Protected
Gunslinger performs automated backups for all mission critical data. Redundancy in the cloud ensures maximum uptime of provisioning and data acquisition. Need to examine the details with other statistical tools? You can backup your customer information and modem polling history at any time to an SQL formatted dataset.

Stay Informed

Gunslinger’s Notification Engines empower you with pre-emptive knowledge of your environment health, comparing polled data with location-specific health profiles of each site, you will know if something is out of sorts likely before your customers know anything is wrong.

Simplified Deployment

Gunslinger Cloud offers all the tools you need without any new hardware at your service location. Connect to our cloud with your existing ISP router using a tunnel over the Internet to provision and monitor all your DOCSIS CMTS and cable modems without the need for a local server. Our team will guide you through the process for a quick onboarding experience.

Gunslinger Cloud is all you need to…

  • Monitor your CMTS and CM equipment at your deployment location.
  • Collect statistical data and trends on the health of the system.
  • Notify you via email if there are out-of-tolerance conditions that can impact performance
  • Assign IP addresses to CM’s and CPE devices.
  • Create and offer multiple service tiers with the Customer module
  • Voice configuration service for cable telephony gateways.

If you already have experience with our Legacy Gunslinger product you will have no problem using Gunslinger Cloud. Our team will help you convert from a local server to the Gunslinger Cloud, migrating your sites with a minimal amount of effort.

Need Support?

We have your back with tailored service plans to fit your unique situation, whether you need help surveying a site, installing a CMTS headend, troubleshooting problems, or anything DOCSIS, just give us a call for more information. Schedule a live demonstration to see Gunslinger in action.

Don’t forget to ask about our Sandbox environment to get your feet wet before you make a decision!

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