What our customers are saying…

Gunslinger has been an invaluable asset to our network monitoring efforts. Its robust functionality and intuitive interface have significantly streamlined our DOCSIS monitoring processes, saving us both time and resources. With Gunslinger, we’ve been able to proactively identify and resolve issues before they escalate, ensuring minimal impact in service interruptions for our customers. The detailed insights provided by Gunslinger have empowered our team to make informed decisions quickly, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and reliability of our deployments. We highly recommend Gunslinger to any organization seeking a comprehensive solution for DOCSIS monitoring.

Brian Wolverton
Smartaira, LLC

Working with Diablo Data for our cable modem provisioning server has allowed us to provide better customer service to our subscribers. The monitoring aspect of the system allows us to proactively respond to the maintenance needs of our systems before it impacts our customers. The historical data for the individual subscriber helps us reduce truck rolls and repeat service calls. We have found the reliability of the service to far exceed what we experienced with other providers. The customer support (is) superb!

Justin Turpin
General Manager
Digital Media, LLC

Gunslinger Is Great, we migrated off of an old provisioning system that was outdated and clunky and Gunslinger helped us modernize our provisioning. It has all the features we need and are now able to troubleshoot more effectively and love that we can see historical events. Migrating over to Gunslinger has been exceptionally easy as Jim worked with us step by step during the process.

Anthony Salamoni
CTO and President
Fast Wave Networks, LLC

We started out with a couple small accounts, they were easy to manage and if we did have any major issues we relied on Jim Clark at Diablo Data. He was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. As we grew to more and larger accounts, managing the systems became a chore to say the least. Again, we relied on Jim to help us solve the issues. We now use his provisioning and monitoring cloud service and we couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Jim Clark and Diablo Data.

Steve Turley, Senior Technician Support Specialist