Pulling all the pieces together for a DOCSIS deployment can be a challenge. Our team at Diablo Data has a long history and many years of experience in design and deployment of DOCSIS and video services. We take the sting out of bringing up your next project or an existing deployment that is taking precious time away from building your business.

Site Surveys and Design

Our team can help you explore deployment options for a DOCSIS 3.1 or 3.0 network and establish a plan of action to meet the goals of your deployment. Whether there is an existing RF cable plant on the premise or you are considering whether DOCSIS is the best solution for the location, we can assess the capability of the cable system and what it may need to support a robust and trouble free DOCSIS service.

Plug and Play

Submit your deployment requirements to our technical team and we will setup a Gunslinger virtual machine or Micro-Server Appliance so it is ready to deploy upon arrival. Tell us about the hardware you have, your network design and provisioning needs, and we will tailor Gunslinger for an installation that is as close to a plug-and-play as you can get. This is a great option whether you have an active environment or not.

Gunslinger Server Buildout

You can also send us your physical server (or ask us to provide one) and we’ll stand up a complete solution with a VMWare ESXi hypervisor and Gunslinger preinstalled and configured with your deployment requirements. This is a great option to move forward while supporting COVID-19 safety practices.

CMTS & Software Bundles

Diablo Data can prepare a CMTS and Gunslinger bundle for a complete greenfield solution for your facility. Establish your site network connection and RF environment, then drop in a Diablo Data pre-configured solution. Diablo Data has direct manufacturer relationships for DOCSIS 3.0 and 3.1 platforms that are ideal for smaller operator deployments such as MDU’s, RV Parks and hospitality applications.