We have a passion for empowering service providers that want to compete with the big guys without breaking the bank. Our focus is DOCSIS-based high-speed Internet and related consumer services like live TV, voice and Wi-Fi, monitored and/or provisioned with our Gunslinger software solution.

Simplify with Gunslinger Cloud

Gunslinger is our own organically developed software solution that simplifies managing DOCSIS networks and their connected devices for health and performance. Gunslinger provisions and monitors all types of devices, from cable modems to DOCSIS telephony gateway embedded MTA’s, IP Set Tops, access points – whatever your consumers use. Gunslinger also provisions DOCSIS 3.1 Remote Phy nodes!

Gunslinger’s centralized data collection engine gathers data from all DOCSIS network devices and presents their health at a glance from a single pane of glass. We empower you with triage tools and trend analysis for RF power levels and signal -to-noise (SNR) of the CMTS and cable modems.

Diablo Data Caters to Cable

Sometimes you need a fresh pair of eyes on a project or a problem. Our team is experienced in many areas including

  • IPTV
  • Optical and RF plant design
  • Encoding
  • Networking
  • Traffic planning
  • Program / Project Management

Leverage Our Expertise

Take advantage of our program management skills as you turn up new services. Bring us in to work on RF spectrum planning, system design or service deployment. Leverage us in those moments when you need quick answers or emergency support. When you need to integrate systems together our team can help with software, scripting or automation tools.

If your ready to make supporting a your network a whole lot easier, you came to the right place.

As our tag line says, “Taking the devil out of the details” helps you improve margins, reduce support time and save money every day.

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