Gunslinger Cloud

Gunslinger Cloud offers all the tools you need without any new hardware at your service location. Connect to our cloud with your existing ISP router using a tunnel over the Internet to provision and monitor all your DOCSIS CMTS and cable modems without the need for a local server.

We offer Gunslinger Cloud in a number of ways to support your needs:

  • Monitor only – This service is simply for using Gunslinger Cloud to:
    • Montor your CMTS and CM equipment at your deployment location.
    • Collect statistical data and trends on the health of the system.
    • Notify you via email if there are out-of-tolerance conditions that can impact performance
  • Gunslinger Basic – A simple provisioning service plan that offers all the Monitor services plus:
    • Simple provisioning to activate CM devices with a common service profile and assign IP addresses to CM’s and CPE devices.
  • Gunslinger Gold – The most popular plan that offers all the Gunslinger Basic features plus the following :
    • Customer support module
    • Create and offer multiple service tiers
    • Voice configuration service for cable telephony gateways.

If you already have our legacy Gunslinger product at a site and have become familiar with it, you will have no problem using Gunslinger Cloud. And if you are interested in converting from a local server to the cloud we can migrate you with a minimal amount of effort.

Call us today to get started using Gunslinger Cloud for your DOCSIS deployments.